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Should I Purchase or Hire the boxes for Moving the house?

Updated: May 31, 2020

Once you've decided that you're moving, the next step is to choose to either hire boxes or purchase them. We can help you decide which would be the better option for you.

First things first, what is the primary difference?

Hiring a box equals you calling us, us sending you the boxes, and you returning them to us.

Purchasing a box involves you calling us, we send you the boxes, and you keep them.

While you must be thinking, what would we do with all those boxes after the move, so let's just rent them... Um, here's why you should reconsider renting.

Boxes in which you can put your precious things
Boxes for moving a house- Removals

1. The trouble with keeping the boxes safe - When you rent a box, you are obligated to keep them safe throughout and return them ASAP without any damage. Imagine worrying about the contents of the box and the box itself. As reliable as our boxes are, people tend to over-stuff, and with kids around, they have a high chance of getting damaged.

2. Stress of returning - What's hired needs to reach back. As specified, renting also has a specific time frame to return them. That makes it difficult to move into your home in a relaxed way, because we all need to return back to work or do one room a day. (If you've hired our unpackers/packers or you're a superhuman yourself, it'll take less time).

3. No writing on the boxes - Imagine having that kind of mind to remember what's in which box without writing on it (if you have such a brain, you're a genius). While you can attach sticky notes to it, they won't stay on during the moving process.

Renting sounds a sticky situation but you might debate, what would you do with the purchased boxes once you are done shifting.

Here are things you can do if you purchase the boxes:

1. Keep them - forever They are all yours to keep for unlimited time and use it however you wish to.

2. Write on them - You can label them in whatever way you want and label them properly to make your moving process a little easier.

3. A relaxing way of unpacking - Keeping the boxes offers a relaxed way of unpacking since the boxes and their contents inside are all yours, just like your new house. You can take your own sweet time to arrange things. Do you think the vase will look good on the kitchen counter? Or in the living area? TAKE YOUR TIME TO DECIDE without anyone or anything rushing you to make a call.

4. Storing things in - Most of the time, we take everything from the old house but don't want to put it on display in the new home. Like your teen memories, you surely don't need some things, but you don't want to throw them out either.

Purchased boxes double up as a storage unit and can be used to keep things safe in your new house without it looking uncluttered. It also makes them easy to find, because you would have had the liberty to label them.

We are a packing and unpacking service company with packing supplies and box hiring stores. Have our experienced team pack your house for a stress-free and reliable option. Or if you want to do it yourself, we offer new/used boxes for purchase or hire and all the other items you need when packing like wrapping paper, tape and tape gun.

Know a mate who needs this? can help.

Exclusively available in Australia, it is one of the best options to have a hassle-free moving experience.

Hire boxes, purchase boxes or get a team to do it all for you.

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