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Helping you in your BIG MOVE

Congratulations, you’ve made a choice of renting out a new place, or you’ve bought one, or you’re just shifting from college. Setting up a world and a home outside your home, you need the right things to do it. After making this choice, the more significant headache stands is to decide on getting things from one place to another. There are so many factors to count in, emotions involved in moving away or the headache of moving with your family. The struggle of correctly labeling

the boxes and arranging them in the new place without breaking anything around you is one thing we can solve for you. You need that blanket you have since you were five or those sweaters knit by your grandmother, you need them all and kids, how can you forget about the kids? Toys, you can’t dare to miss that favourite teddy. That new TV you brought, you need to attach it to your room. But what is the one thing you need to take them away to your new world? BOXES, a lot of boxes and people who know how to pack and remove your things without breaking them.

Won’t it be amazing if with one click you could have people come at your place, help you in packaging, getting the boxes, get them on a moving truck and help you remove the things and place them? Or you’re an independent mover and need a few boxes, and you are ready to go. But buying boxes seems like an ecological and monetary waste, what if you can hire a box? A dream which doesn’t seem possible right? Boxxit can help you with this. We are a packing and unpacking service company with packing supplies and box hiring store. Have our experienced team pack your house for a stress-free and reliable option. Or if you want to do it yourself, we offer new/used boxes for purchase or hire and all the other items you need when packing like wrapping paper, tape, tape gun. Know a mate who needs this? Boxxit can help you up. Exclusively available in Australia, it is one of the best options to have a hassle-free moving experience. Hire a box, buy a box or get a team to do it all for you.

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