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Essential Supplies for a MOVE

Everything requires planning, including moving. If you haven't planned your move then it might turn into a disaster.

There are number of things required to move a house. In this blog post you'll discover the most essential supplies that you'll need.

The essential supplies required for a move are:

1. Boxes

Boxes are pretty much the most important supply that you'll use. It is recommended to source a variety of box types and sizes to make your packing easier. For packing heavy items such as books, you can use medium boxes. For the items which are light but need a lot of space, such as pillows and blankets, you can use large boxes. You may also have some precious paintings and for that we recommend you use painting boxes.

2. Cushioning

You don't want to open your boxes after moving and find your possessions broken. It is essential to have bubble wrap to cover breakables. You should also use wrapping paper to wrap the smaller items. Newspaper is a cheaper way to do this instead of wrapping paper, but it has a major disadvantage. Newspapers may bleed ink and you don't want to spoil your precious item to save a few dollars.

3. Packing tape

While you might be tempted to buy the cheapest packing tape, it is recommended to spend a little extra for quality. The problem with cheap tape is that it doesn't have great

sticking power and is really thin as well. Use a pistol grip tape to dispense the tape quickly and buy the packing tape rolls in bulk in order to save the overall cost. You might think you'll not need so many rolls, but you'll end up using more than expected.

4. Sofa covers

There are sofa covers available from the packing supplies company. It is essential to protect your sofa as it is an expensive item.

If you think you'll manage with just a plastic cover, you'll end up buying a new one. You can get a variety of sizes for sofa covers such as single seat sofa cover, 2 seat sofa cover and 3 seat sofa cover.

5. Furniture pads

Furniture pads are similar looking to a blanket, which protects your larger pieces of furniture. They are generally used to pack the bed pieces while moving. Now you might be wondering why not use a blanket then? You could use one, but don’t expect the blanket to survive after the move.

6. Mattress cover

In order to protect the warranty of your mattress, you need to cover it with the standard

mattress covers available from the packing supplies company.

7. Labelling items

Once, you've put all your items in the boxes, you need to identify which boxes belong to which bedroom or living room. It is really important to get the labels and markers to write the content of the boxes, along with which room the items belong to.

8. Portable wardrobe

In case you don't have enough suitcases to put your clothes in or you don't want to spoil certain clothes such as your formal attire, it is advisable to get a portable wardrobe. It is really convenient when you move to your new house and then your wardrobe will be ready to go.

To conclude, instead of individually sourcing all of these items and stressing yourself in the process, it is advisable to buy a moving package. Packing supplies companies have packages for you which cater to the needs of different house sizes. These companies know the exact number of boxes or other supplies that you'll need to move house.

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